UNAC: Lines of Research

  • Diet, physical activity and life style characteristics in relation to prognosis and quality of life among cancer survivors.
  • Environmental factors, genetic susceptibility and prevention of gastric cancer.
  • Risk factors for pancreatic cancer: Dietary cadmium, biomarkers of trace metals, and pancreatic cancer in EPIC, Integrating Data towards a Predictive Risk Model, Global methylation and pancreatic cancer risk in EPIC, Differential expression of plasma-based microRNAs.
  • The EPIC Cohort with the participation in the working groups of lung cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, biomarkers, mortality. Several ongoing specific studies on Bisphenols-A; acrylamide, inflammation, reproductive factors among others.
  • Lung cancer and genetic markers of susceptibility.
  • Dietary patterns in Spain.
  • Head and neck cancers: ARCAGE-INHANCE.
  • GECAT Cohort.