Ana Maria Pérez Rosado

Laboratory technician

Ana Maria Pérez Rosado

Ana Pérez Rosado holds a degree as Laboratory Technician (C.E. Dolmen Barcelona, 1993).

After finishing her studies, in 1993-1995 she worked in several laboratories of clinical analysis. From 1995 onwards she has worked in research labs from universities and hospitals, such as the University of Barcelona (Faculties of Biology and Pharmacy), Pompeu Fabra University, Sant Joan de Déu Foundation or Pangea Oncology Laboratory. Her main tasks included performing lab procedures using different techniques in molecular biology, cell isolation, cell culture, western blot, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, real time, DNA and RNA extraction, pyrosequencing, multiplex analysis of fusion genes, etc.

In April 2021 she joined the Infections and Cancer Laboratory in the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program as laboratory technician.



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