Beatriz Quiros Blasco

Research support

Beatriz Quiros Blasco

Beatriz Quirós holds bachelor’s degrees in Statistics (Universidad de Barcelona, 2001) and in Market Research (Universidad de Barcelona, 2003).

For seven years she worked in market research for several companies in the mass consumption and pharmaceutical sectors, designing ad-hoc questionnaires and performing data analysis and presentation of results to clients.

Since 2010 she is a member of the Unit of Molecular Epidemiology and Genetics in PREC. She is data manager in studies of HPV detection and genotyping carried out in the unit, maintaining and updating the samples’ traceability database since 2008. As statistician, she performs univariate and multivariate descriptive analysis, logistic regressions to determine risk factors for cancer caused by HPV, and survival analysis of cohorts.

Since 2013 she is assistant professor in Mathematics and tutor of bachelor’s degree final projects in the Faculty of Economics in the Autonomous University of Barcelona-UAB.



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