Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Svatetz


Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Svatetz

Carlos A. Gonzalez Svatetz holds a Medicine degree (University of Rosario, Argentine, 1969), a Master in Public Health (School of Public Health, Buenos Aires University, 1976), and a PhD in Epidemiology, University Autónoma of Barcelona , 1982) .

After finishing his Master in Public Health in Buenos Aires, he moved to Barcelona and after few years he join to the Mataró’s Hospital, where he created and lead the Epidemiology and Statistic Unit (1981). From 1981 to 1999 he started several case-control epidemiological studies, mainly the causal relationships between the textile industry of Mataró and bladder cancer risk, that became the subject of his doctoral thesis. During this period he coordinated a Spanish large multicentre case-control study about risk factors of bladder cancer and another of gastric cancer and become principal Spanish investigator of a European study on environmental exposure to smoking and lung cancer and on pleural mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. He began a long and fruit full collaboration with the IARC in Lyon and participated since 1990 as a principal investigator of the design, validation studies and Spanish implementation of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) coordinated by IARC in 10 European countries.

After his large experience in cancer epidemiology he joined in 1999 the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program (PREC) in the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO). He created and become the Chief of the Unit of Nutrition and Cancer and participated as principal investigator in the EUR-GAST study funded by the 5th FP of EU, and as a partner of the ECNIS project funded by the 6th FP of the EU. He is being author (co) of more than 300 papers published in international journals, several book’s chapters and a book on Nutrition and Cancer (Editorial Médica Panamericana 2015). Hi is inviter speakers in several national and international meetings.

Since 2015, he become retired, and follow as Emerit Research of the Nutrition Unit at ICO. He started to work on the relationship between the nutritional model and the climatic change. In 2020 he published a book on “Climatic Emergency, Nutrition and Healthy life” (Icaria Editorial) and several articles in news papers on public health issues.

For more than 10 years he is teacher and coordinator of Prevention of Cancer at Master of Public Health (Pompeu Fabra University) and use to be professor of Nutrition and Cancer , Master of Nutrition at the Rovira I Virgil University (Reus).



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