Carolina Godino Galvez

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Carolina Godino Galvez

Carolina Godino Gálvez holds a Master in Nursing Services Management from the University of Barcelona, obtained in 2018. Additionally, she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Research Methodology in 2001, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Nursing in 1998, both from the University of Barcelona. Her educational journey also includes earning a Diploma in Nursing from the University School of Nursing, University of Barcelona, in 1997.

Throughout her career, Carolina's professional experience has been predominantly within the Catalan Institute of Oncology, ICO, where she began working in 1997. Over the years, she has undertaken various roles within the organization. These roles include Nurse referring for Head and Neck and Pancreatic Tumors since October 2021, Day Hospital Nurse, Nursing Supervisor for the Medical Oncology Unit, Night Nursing Coordinator, and Nurse at the Medical Oncology Unit. Additionally, she has been actively involved in conducting health education workshops for patients and families.

In February 2024, she joined the Technical Screening Office in the Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.

Presentations and Awards:

- Poster Presentation: "Nursing Care for Patients with Cytokine Release Syndrome Related to Immunotherapy Treatment", SEEO 2019.

- Presentation: "Health Education as a Tool to Reduce Fatigue Perception in Oncology Patients", Spring Convention, April 2002.

- Novice Research Award 2002 for the project "Health Education as a Tool to Reduce Fatigue Perception in Oncology Patients



Carolina Godino, Lina Jodar, Angela Durán, Isabel Martínez, Anna Schiaffino. Nursing education as an intervention to decrease fatigue perception in oncology patients. Randomized Controlled Trial Eur J Oncol Nurs. 2006 Apr;10(2):150-5. 10.1016/j.ejon.2005.03.004