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Dr F. Xavier Bosch conducts epidemiological research focusing on cancers linked to infectious agents. His main research studies focus on cancer of the liver, the cervix, the skin, vagina, anus, penis and cancers of the head and neck. He has also conducted studies on diet [...]

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Pedagogical & Technical Support

Research Support Team

Catalan Institute of Oncology
Cancer Epidemiology Research Programme
Granvia de L’Hospitalet 199-203
08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
P: +34 93 260 78 12
F: +34 93 260 77 87
E: admincerp@iconcologia.net

Ángela Expósito

Administrative Assistant
Unit of Nutrition and Cancer
P: +34 93 260 74 01
E: aexposito@iconcologia.net

Frederic Rodilla

Cancer Epidemiology Research Programme
P: +34 93 260 74 01
E: frpamies@iconcologia.net

Ion Espuña

Administrative Assistant
Information and Interventions (UNIC-ME)
P: +34 93 260 73 37
E: iespuna@iconcologia.net

Nati Patón

Administrative Assistant
Information and Interventions (UNIC-I&I)
P: +34 93 260 78 12
E: npaton@iconcologia.net

Jesus Muñoz

IT Manager
E: jesus@iconcologia.net

David Gómez

IT Developer
E: dgomez@iconcologia.net

Juan José Collado

IT Support
E: jjcollado@iconcologia.net