F. Xavier Bosch

Senior Consultant to the Cancer Epidemiology Research Programme - Director of the e-oncología
Department: PREC e-oncología - Leadership Team

Dr F. Xavier Bosch conducts epidemiological research focusing on cancers linked to infectious agents. His main research studies focus on cancer of the liver, the cervix, the skin, vagina, anus, penis and cancers of the head and neck. He has also conducted studies on diet and colorectal cancer and headed a programme of implementation and methodological research in cancer registration.
Dr Bosch’s research projects on viruses and cancer have been instrumental in demonstrating the causal role of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in cervical cancer and played a catalytic role for the initiation of the first vaccine trials and for the evaluation of HPV tests as screening tools. Dr Bosch was an early introducer of the now called 'molecular epidemiology', by designing studies that integrate novel biological assays at DNA level to assess exposure to viral carcinogens. Relevant epidemiological field studies have been carried out in over 35 countries around the world, particularly in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The final and more practical goal of his research has extended into the application of the aetiological knowledge towards the prevention of cancer.


Dr Bosch graduated with a degree in medicine at the University of Barcelona, in 1972; he specialised in internal medicine and clinical oncology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1978 and 1982; followed a Master of Public Health by the University of California Los Angeles, US in 1978; and holds a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1991).

He served as an epidemiologist at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (Lyon, France 1982-1993) and was a visiting scientist at the National Cancer Institute (Washington, USA 2002). He served as Director of the Cancer Epidemiology Research Programme at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (Catalan Institute of Oncology, ICO) (Barcelona, Spain 1994-January 2015) and is currently Director of International Affairs at the Catatan Institute of Oncology, Director of the e-oncología programme and co-Director of the IARC / Catalan Institute of Oncology Information Centre on HPV and Cancer (www.hpvcentre.net)


Dr Bosch has successfully interacted with international groups interested in epidemiological research and public health issues regarding viruses and cancer. These include the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), the European Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia (EUROGIN), the Asia Oceania Research Organisation on Genital Infections and Neoplasia (AOGIN), the decision making research group at the Harvard University, the pathology group at the Cambridge University, among others. As a co-principal investigator and organiser of the HPV and Cancer Programme at IARC, Dr Bosch has interacted with scientists on all continents, helped in the implementation of study protocols, assisted with technology transfer and encouraged human mobility efforts. He is an organiser of the International Papillomavirus Congress (HPV 2000) and member of the advisory board of the International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS).

As part of the efforts to bridge knowledge with the medical and public health communities, since 2001, Dr Bosch initiated and heads the international newsletter HPV Today (www.hpvtoday.com), currently distributing more than 30 000 printed copies in five languages, and an online subscription base of at least 40 000. The publication is produced in close collaboration with the International Papillomavirus Society.

ResearcherID: J-6339-2012
ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-7172-3412