Marisa Mena Cervigon


Marisa Mena Cervigon

Marisa holds a Chemistry degree (University of Barcelona 1999) and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (University of Barcelona 2006).

After finishing her PhD studies in Barcelona, she moved to the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in Bordeaux, France for her postdoctoral stage. Her research topics focused on the development of multicomponent reactions to be applied to the synthesis of natural products of therapeutic interest.

Looking for a change in her career towards public health, in September 2010 she enrolled in a Master of Sciences in International Health (awarded with a scholarship from Erasmus Mundus tropEd Program of the European Commission) at the Royal Tropical Institute (Netherlands) - Charité (Germany) and Bordeaux School of Public Heath (France). She developed her master thesis project on the evaluation of the impact of a breast cancer awareness program in rural Ghana. After completing her master, she did a postdoctoral stage at Bordeaux School of Public Health. Her research topics focused on female cancer prevention in Africa.

In March 2012 she joined the Unit of Molecular Epidemiology and Genetics at the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program (PREC) in the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO). Since then, she has been involved in several projects aimed at evaluating the role of HPV infection in HPV-related head and neck cancers.

Currently she is the principal investigator of a study to evaluate the prognostic value of body composition and smoking status in HPV-related and unrelated oropharyngeal cancers. She is also supervising two PhD projects on the role of HPV in pre-malignant and benign lesions of the head and neck area, and she is the co-author of several on-line courses on HPV-related cancers in the we-based e-learning platform e-oncologia.

She is a scientific editor in HPV World, an independent newsletter that disseminates relevant scientific evidence on HPV infections and prevention, diagnostic and treatment of HPV-related diseases. She is editor in the Women and Cancer section of the journal Frontiers in Oncology.

ResearcherID: F-5347-2016


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