Victoria Porthe Reggiardo

Project manager

Victoria Porthe Reggiardo

Victoria Porthé holds a Ph.D. in Health and Life Sciences with expertise in Public Health (Pompeu Fabra University, 2009), a Master in Public Health and Health Management (Granada University, Andalusia School of Public Health, 2001), and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Buenos Aires, University, 2000).

After completing her Master’s degree in Granada, in 2002, she received a fellowship from the Andalusian Government to work on research project at the Andalusian School of Public Health focusing on social support for postpartum women. Subsequently, in 2003, she joined the Health Inequalities Research Group/Employment Conditions Network (GREDS-EMCONET, Pompeu Fabra University), where she worked as research assistant while finishing her Ph.D.

Since then, her professional experience in public health research has allowed her to engage in a diverse array of research topics. Prior to joining the Unit of Infections and Cancer- Information and Interventions (UNIC II) she worked at the Barcelona Public Health Agency as a postdoctoral researcher at CIBERESP (Institute of Health Carlos III-ISCIII), a network of multidisciplinary research teams from different institutions and universities working in epidemiology and public health.

Her research interests include social determinants on health, health inequalities, community health interventions, and vaccine hesitancy.

She has recently joined the Unit of Infections and Cancer- Information and Interventions (UNIC II) to work on the PROTECT project. This project advocates for gender-neutral vaccination programme in EU Member States to provide protection for everyone against cancers caused by HPV.



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